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India Association of San Antonio






IASA Diwali – 2016


November 19th, 2016 (Saturday)





Edgewood Theatre of Performing Arts

607 SW 34th Street, San Antonio, TX 78237



IASA solicits 


NON-CLASSICAL entries for


Diwali 2016


Cultural Programs



Please send your registration details as an attachment to

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Click to download form:  Diwali 2016 Cultural Registration Form



Guidelines for IASA Diwali Cultural Program


1.       All participants must become members or renew membership with IASA and buy a ticket for the program.

2.       Deadline for registration of items will be September 16th, 2016. Please complete all the registration information. The Cultural committee reserves the right to reject an item because of an incomplete registration. The registration form is included in this communication. Please do not start practice before approval of your item. This is being done in order to avoid duplication of items/songs. In case of duplicate items, approval will be given to the group that registers first. Any changes made to the song/item after approval by the Cultural Committee will be grounds for exclusion of that item from the final program.

3.       Due to time limitations and to maximize participation, each item must have a minimum of 10 participants.                                                                                     

 4.       There will be no solo performance other than performances by artists invited specially by the Cultural Committee.

 5.       Participants must be at least 6 years old.

 6.       Participants may register for ONE DANCE ITEM ONLY. However, a participant can participate in a music item/skit other than the dance item. Violation of this rule will result in exclusion of the item from the program, even if it is identified at a later stage. Any changes to the participants list after registration needs the approval of the cultural committee. The Cultural Committee however will not take the responsibility to provide time for costume changes in case of participation in both a dance and a skit/music item

7.       All items will be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes.  (Any exception to these rules will be at the discretion of the Cultural Committee)


8.       All participants, choreographers, and coordinators have to attend the auditions set for October 22nd 2016  and/or October 23rd, 2016. All music should be electronically emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (No CDs will be accepted) before October 9th, 2016.

9. Technical sheets must be submitted to the Cultural Committee on the audition day.  Sample of the costumes should be brought to the review by the Cultural Committee on that day. 

10. All auditions will be conducted ONLY at the IASA Community Center and we will not be able to come to individual locations for auditions.

11. All groups must perform their items in their entirety on the audition day. Cultural Committee reserves the right to reject an items if not performed in its entirety.

12. Cultural Committee will let the Coordinators know via email if their item is approved to proceed further, shortly after the audition day.


13. All participants, choreographers and coordinators must also attend the stage rehearsals on November 18th 2016 (Friday) – 1 day before the event.

14. The deadline dates for submission of entries, auditions, etc. should be met strictly. Groups that do not comply with the rules and the deadlines will be excluded from the final program.

15.    Although every effort will be made to adhere to the rules proposed by the committee, some unforeseen situations may arise which may require certain exceptions. These exceptions will be made in the interest of the overall quality and integrity of the program and will be at the sole discretion of the Cultural Committee.




Summary of Key Dates

Registration End: September 16th, 2016

Music Deadline: October 9th, 2016

Auditions: October 22nd and/or 23rd, 2016

Stage Rehearsal: November 18th, 2016

Grand Finale: November 19th, 2016

Cultural Committee Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



 Welcome to


India Association of San Antonio



We, the members of the India Association of San Antonio extend a warm welcome to you on our Community Website. IASA is a non-profit volunteer umbrella organization that represents all sister organizations and non-profit organizations of the community of Indian heritage in San Antonio, Texas with the primary purpose to bring diverse and very vibrant Indian community here in San Antonio together.

The Association exists and strives to provide a common platform to all members living in San Antonio for pursuing their common goals and efforts in the social, cultural, educational and charitable activities.
India Association since its inception has grown leaps and bounds. It is the events and activities that we organize help to bring us together as a community. Our events also help in promoting the Indo-American friendship and international goodwill.




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