About IASA

India Association of San Antonio was formed in 1978 and acquired its non-profit status in 1980. At the inception, the primary purpose of this organization was to support cultural, educational, religious and charitable activities, for the benefit of its members and the general public.

In the last twenty years, the population of the Indian community has grown from about sixty families to well over six hundred families. During this period, many sister organizations were created, catering to the specific needs of the various subsets of the Indian community. This evolution has led to changes in the objectives of the IASA to meet the new challenges. The long term goal of IASA includes the role of an 'umbrella organization', to better serve and represent the Indian community as a whole.

Here are some facts about IASA in a nutshell:

  • Formation of IASA - 1978
  • Status of non-profit organization - 1980
  • Employer Identification Number - 74-2088488
  • Taxpayer number - 3-00045-0382-3
  • Charter number - 498806, 501(C) (7)
  • Community Center ground breaking - March 12, 1989
  • Inauguration of Community Center - September, 1989

Here are some of the 'feathers' in IASA's cap:

  • Represented Indian community in civic events for the past twenty years and has been a voice for all people of Indian origin
  • Raised funds from the community to build the Community Center that is available for use by the entire community
  • Raised money for a home for 'Habitat for Humanity,' and the home was built exclusively by the members of the Indian community. Two more homes were built in India
  • Established scholarship funds at University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)
  • Raised money for flood relief efforts in San Antonio, during the "Great Flood of '98".
  • Funds collected for the cyclone victims in Orissa, India
  • Actively involved in fund raising for Gujarat earthquake victims. Raised over $36,000 so far.
  • Raised over $8,000 for American Red Cross and New York Fire Fighters Association for the families of NY-DC-PENN victims
  • Raised $10,600 for Habitat For Humanity International to build homes in Gujarat by raffling Spurs basketball
  • Raised close to &17,000 for Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in 2003,with a team size of over 760 participants. This was the largest non-corporate team ever in the history of Susan Komen Foundation anywhere in the country.

India Association strongly urges all Indian families to become members and help achieve the collective goals of the community.

Here are a few benefits of being a member of IASA:

  • Free monthly IASA newsletter - 'Sandesh', that keeps you in touch with the pulse of the community
  • Preferred rental rates at the Community Center
  • Opportunity to network with the rest of the community
  • A venue for volunteering on projects that appeal to you
  • Be a part of various cultural and social activities and sense the bond in the community
  • Educate, and be educated by special gatherings like Mahila Sammelan and the Youth Conventions
  • Feel your heart swell with pride when the youth of our community perform a selfless act to the needy, through India Asia Youth Association (IAYA)
  • Know how to keep your heart going forever, like the 'Eveready Bunny', by attending the Health Fair
  • A venue to display your talents in music and dance, and other unique talents like palm reading and hand decoration (Henna), during the Asia Festival and the Festival of India
  • Experience the oneness, amidst the diverse culture of India, during Diwali celebrations
  • Exhibit your patriotism when you participate in Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations
  • Many other intangible benefits gained by giving a part of you to the community, as people with a common root. Please see 'member registration' if you, or someone you know, want to become a member.